Saint Nicholas Foundation ✅


1. What is this website all about?

We are Saint Nicholas Foundation, a nonprofit organization that promotes youth assistance through school scholarships. We partner with a lot of people, companies, universities, communities, and other institutions to support and create programs.

2. I belong to a private company. Can I partner with you in serving the communities where we operate?

The answer is a resounding yes. Helping and educating children is not just advocacies that only a few people have. Education and the equipping of knowledge should be the culture in every community. By partnering with us, you can encourage and engage the people to foster schooling and learning. We have a lot of companies that share this mindset. Businesses that offer Amsterdam city passes, Amsterdam zoos and bike rentals help us in various ways to care for our students.

3. I work at a university. What are the ways in which we can support your foundation?

You have various options to choose from. You can give exclusive programs for our students wherein they can select from a variety of courses and degrees. You also have the choice of giving monthly, quarterly, and yearly donations to the foundation.

4. How do you update your partners?

We have this website give you news and updates regarding our programs and schedules. We also send newsletters and emails about the flow of their financial assistance from source to the user.

5. How can I apply as a scholar if I want to be a student that is supported by your foundation?

You generally have two options. You can go directly to us. Send us a message containing your name, number, email, and current address. We will then send you a form that will ask you all the needed information in order for us to assess and evaluate your status.

An alternative would be to go to our accredited schools and universities and ask for a Saint Nicholas Foundation Application form.

6. How can I register to your website?

You can register to our website by going to our Registration Page and filling it up with your name, contact number, email, and other personal information available. By signing up with us, you will be receiving news, reviews, and other updates regarding the activities and programs implemented by the Foundation.